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Which is Your Favorite Child?

Would you ever ask a parent that question? Probably not. And you may be dying to ask your mom or dad if your oldest brother is REALLY their favorite, but my guess is you won’t. And, even if you did, … Continue reading

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Bits of Broken Brick: the path to my book

My novel is unfolding in an oddly beautiful way. Each time I sit down a different mood or thought overtakes me. I write for about an hour which usually results in 800 to 1,000 words. It is as if I … Continue reading

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Cultivating Crops of Art, Writing & Wisdom: Being a Be Farmer

My daddy always wanted a farm. We moved once a year from crumbled down house to 35 room condemned mansion to faceless suburban duplex as my father indulged in his need to fix-up the ultimate fixer-upper. In addition to being … Continue reading

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Rooster Early

It is my second day of chicken-sitting. I had to go to bed an hour early to get up two hours early. With the mist still rising from the ground and leaves scattered on the sandstone pathways from last night’s … Continue reading

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Sitting on Eggs

This morning, while chicken-sitting, I opened the hen house door to see one lone hen sitting stubbornly on her eggs. She was not ready to give them up. I was not ready to be pecked. I closed the door. It … Continue reading

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